The territory

Albenga. The sea has been its history for 2500 years.



Founded between the 6th and 4th centuries BC by the Ingauni tribe, one of the ancient Ligure peoples, the town was an ally of Carthage in the Second Punic War, later becoming a Roman municipium with its own baths, aqueduct and theatre, until it was sacked by Goths and Vandals. Rebuilt in 451 AD, it became a free commune in the Middle Age, taking part in the First Crusade in 1098, and then swearing allegiance to Emperor Frederick Barbarossa, before its fortunes finally declined under the Republic of Genoa. In 1818 it became a provincial capital, until coming under the jurisdiction of Savona in 1927.

Albenga is still based on the original geometrical Roman city plan, with a tightly-woven grid of streets. Access is still through the city's four gates.


Historic sites and museums

There are many fascinating historic attractions, including the 13th century Cathedral of St. Michael the Archangel, built over an ancient early Christian church, with its fine bell tower; and the 5th century Baptistry, the oldest Christian monument in Liguria, dedicated to St. John the Baptist. Make sure not to miss the 7 perfectly intact medieval towers, which earned Albenga the title of Liguria's San Gimignano after the famous Tuscan city, or the ancient Via Julia Augusta, along which stand two ancient churches – San Martino in Albenga and Santa Croce in Alassio.

Other worthwhile attractions include the Diocesan Museum of Holy Art and the Naval Museum, with a Roman transport ship, which was wrecked less than two miles off Albenga in the 1st century BC.



There are plenty of attractions, catering for all tastes. Just 5 km up the road it's possible to find are the Garlenda Golf Club, and the Villanova racecourse, the medieval villages of Zuccarello and Castelvecchio di Roccabarbera and last but not least, the Toirano caves formed by underground rivers which gradually dried up over the course of several millennia, leaving behind some breathtaking scenery. Fun for children is guarantee at the nearby aquapark, Le Caravelle di Ceriale.

For trekking lovers, the hiterland gives several possibilities of trails and footpaths, of different abilities, open all year round, with guides available. In winter, the ski resorts of Garessio 2000 and Monesi are just  far one hour's drive up into the mountains. And furthermore:Genoa, with its world-famous Aquarium in the Porto Antico, Monte Carlo with its stunning Casino and Oceanographic Museum.

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