The restaurant

Open to the sea, to innovation, to the pleasures of...

Such is the Ristorante Babette, near the residence Sole in Albenga, after the renovations of the complex.

The use of glass instead of walls is new, the terrace overlooking the sea, which opens onto the coastal landscape give the feeling of being sorrounded and being able to touch the island Gallinara immediately in front. Common thread also inside, windows do not separate but open up the "show cooking", as a sign of an area without borders.

The menu changes from noon to evening. Summer lunches when the traditional kitchen is more requested, especially to swimmers, we find typical local dishes, with very exclusive ingredients: Rapallo zucchini, pesto and then clams, baked fish with potatoes and Ligurian olives, fried fish with vegetables.

More elegant and creative dinner with a selection among carpaccio of prawns from San Remo Armagnac with asparagus of Albenga citronette orange, different pot pies, such as artichokes with castelmagno fondue and toasted almonds or with zucchini and balsamic vinegar, lasagna with shellfish bisque with cocoa spices, or Mediterranean sashimi, or tuna steak with herbs and red onion marmalade.

Do not miss the catch of the day, meat, vegetables and desserts have an important role "to remember" as the parfait with cinnamon and vanilla custard, reinterpretations of the Catalan cream: vanilla, chocolate or raspberry.

"I think that the kitchen is a key aspect of the Italian culture, and not only - says the chef. We will propose the revisited tradition but not only. I would say that the freshness, authenticity and the search of very exclusive ingredients will be the basis of our cuisine."

The restaurant is also open for events, ceremonies and evenings invitation with menu to be agreed according to the occasion.


via Michelangelo, 17 - 17031 Albenga (SV)
Tel. 39 0182.544556


Il piacere della tavola è di tutte le età,
di tutte le condizioni sociali,
di tutti i paesi e di tutti i giorni,
può associarsi a tutti gli altri piaceri,
e resta ultimo a consolarci della loro perdita.
(Brillat- Savarin)

Residence Sole